FS/FT: Corsair H100, XFX 6950, Silverstone USB 3.0 Card

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Jan 13, 2004
Hey all, got a couple items for sale or trade. Items I'm looking for are Intel 1155 CPUs, SSDs, and power supplies.

1) XFX 6950 PCIE Video card. 1GB model. This was an RMA for my old 5870 that kicked the bucket. Lived it's life in my wife's rig, most stressful game she played is Second Life. Never had any issues, never overclocked. Card only, no original box/accessories/software included. $45 Shipped - SOLD!


2) Corsair H100. Only comes with mounting hardware for Intel 2011/2011-V3. Used on my X99 rig with a 5820k since the CPU came out. No issues whatsoever, and comes with the original Corsair fans & box. Kept my CPU nice and cool even when overclocked, just wanted to move back to standard air cooling. Comes with receipt from Tiger Direct retail store, warranty still good until March 3, 2017. Unit was marked as refurbished. $40 Shipped- SOLD!



3) Silverstone EC04-E USB 3.0 PCI-E Card. This was used with my X58 rig until X99 was released. Only utilized for USB 3.0 front panel ports on my Corsair Air 540. One of the best USB 3.0 cards, and has a 19-pin front panel header. Has SATA power connector if additional power is required for external hard drives. $20 Shipped



I accept payment via PayPal to my wife's account, or money order. Shipping is via USPS Priority mail, and is only to the continental USA. Local pickup is available, I live in Cary, NC.

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