FS: eVGA 8800GTS 512MB / Swiftech Storm Rev.2


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 4, 2004
$35 shipped - Swiftech Storm Rev.2 (used) - includes nickel plated, 1/2" high-flow barbs. Picture lies - top is nearly flawless, however bottom has some scratches and lapping would not hurt. All accessories included.

This is in the US of A, I will ship anywhere, I take PayPal, MO, checks and there are no returns. I will ship FedEx Home delivery for the board, probably USPS Priority on the Storm.

eBay: sleepeeg3 | Heatware: WiCKeD001

(SOLD) $160 shipped - eVGA 8800GTS 512MB (used) - Retail boxed, excellent condition, plus all accessories. Faster than the HD4850...