FS: 240mm EK Coolstream PE Radiator - White (brand new, never used) $50 shipped


Feb 19, 2001
I mistakenly purchased a 240mm EK PE rad for my new build, when I meant to buy a 280. Been compiling parts for my build for a few weeks so I didn't realize it was the wrong size until after it was painted. Perfect for a white build, or gently wet sand use the white as primer and paint it whatever color you choose. If I had used it I would have fixed the slight overspray. If that's a deal breaker, I can take care of that before it gets shipped out. Water has never been run through this rad. I hadn't even gotten around to cleaning it out with straight distilled water. Plastic plugs have remained in the inlets and will be shipped with them in. Local pickup in Central NJ.