FS - 2 PC Bundles or Parts Separately


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 29, 2005
Hi everyone, I'm selling 2 builds I have. PM me if interested. I'm only shipping to the United States. No international at all. Yes, that also means you my Canadian friends :)

Build 1 - Asking $525 Shipped
Intel Core i7 4790K Devils Canyon unlocked Quad Core w Hyperthreading
Corsair Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Fan
Asus Z97-AR Motherboard
16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR 3 3200 PC 19200 Ram (2x 8GB Chips)
Nvidia GT 710 Graphics card
You will need case with power supply and hard drive,

With this build (Build 1) you'll need the following
1. Hard drive
2. PC Case
3. Power supply
** P.S. ** I'm willing to buy a case and power supply at your expense to put this all together before mailing it to you. We can discuss this in further detail via PM

Build 2 - Asking $725 Shipped
Intel Core i7 6700K unlocked Quad Core w Hyperthreading (8 Threads)
Corsair Hydro Series H110 CPU Enclosed loop Water Cooler
Asus Z170-A Motherboard
16GB DDR 4 3200 PC 25600 Ram (2x 8GB Chips)
Nvidia MSI Founders Eddition GTX 1080 8GB modified with Custom Overclocked Bios
Silverstone Strider 1500 Watt Powersupply
Corsair Carbide 200R Mid Tower Case Black

With This build (build 2) you'll need the following
1. Hard drive.

Offers on just the parts will be considered but priority will go to people who would like to buy the whole bundles.

Heatware: Lord_Exodia
Just a little update to everyone. My heatware is in my OP. All the equipment is currently assembled and working now. I'll post some pics of the stuff soon.