Freenas vs Omni-os

Modder man

May 13, 2009
Doing a combination of media storage and a flash array for VM's. The media storage is a SMB network share and the VM array is shared via NFS. Not sure if there are any heavy advantages either way, other than the obvious advantage with omni-os in much better support.

I really like that Freenas has the flashing red light when a drive fails. How does omni-OS notify the user of a drive failure?
You cannot compare the two that way.
FreeNas is a webmaged storage appliance based on Free-BSD

OmniOS is a ultra minimal "just enough storage server OS" without any 3rd party software included.
It is a Illumos distribution - a Solaris fork and includes NFS, SMB and iSCSI services from Sun.
It comes as a console only OS without any management tools.

Alerts or backplane management is not included in Illumos/ OmniOS but in the management tools
of appliances that are based on Illumos like NexentaStor or OmniOS/napp-it.