Fragbox 2 PSU and Mobo

Feb 5, 2005
I'm heading off to college in a few months and I'm planning on building a SFF system around the Fragbox chassis, mainly because of the greater expandability it offers. Are there any other PSU's other than the one Falcon recommends for it? Also, I'm currently looking at the MSI RS480M2-IL, but I'd prefer to use an nVidia chipset, any recommendations? Most of my other hardware is finalized so I just need a hand with the PSU and motherboard (A64 3800+ or higher, 1GB Corsair XMS DDR400, GeForce 6600 or higher, Audigy 2 ZS).


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 21, 2003
I have the ATi board, no problems, but it CANT overclock, so im selling it. you can fit any ATX PSU into the fragbox chassis, cable length isnt too big of a problem, but its a small pain in the butt. foxconn makes a nf4 matx board, newegg has it.