Found the parts I needed


Dec 8, 2006
If anyone happens to have either one of these CPUs for sale at a decent price hit me up. Looking to upgrade an HP AiO machine I got the other day. The G4900T it has is painfully slow. My heat is under alf717 and I would like to pay using Paypal. I'm OK with using F&F if you have good feedback.

Found an 8700T
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I have the following if interested:

Corsair DDR4-2400 8GB SoDIMM
Samsung DDR4-3200 8GB SoDIMM

Both of these played nicely together in my laptop before I upgraded. Never OC'd/Overvolted. If interested, PM Me.
Thanks for the PMs that were sent my way still looking for either a 8400T or 8700T 8th Gen (non ES versions). I'm working with an HP 22-c0073w ( I figure its best to stick with what they say this model supports. I'm planning on using this as a Plex server to share content locally.

Still looking for one of these CPUs I'm not sure if other similar 8th gen CPUs that are 35w work so I'd like to stick with what this HP model recommends. As always thanks for looking.