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Limp Gawd
Mar 28, 2016
For Sale: (CONUS)

All items are tested working before I send them, I also offer a 3 day period from delivery timestamp to verify your purchase is as expected!

If it is not up to your expectations when it arrives, ship it back (at your cost) and I will offer a full refund!


USED CPU - Processor only

AMD Ryzen 1920x Threadripper - $399 shipped

USED MOBO COMBO (Will ship socketed)

ASUS Prime X299 Motherboard (with I/O Shield) and (intel)7800x Processor *No CPU Cooler* - $195 shipped

ROG STRIX X299-XE Motherboard (with I/O Shield) and (intel)7800x Processor *No CPU Cooler* - $215 shipped

ASUS X79 Sabertooth Motherboard (with I/O Shield) and (intel)4930k Processor *No CPU Cooler* - $145 shipped

Intel ZX-H61C/B75 Motherboard (with I/O Shield) and (intel) i5-2400 *No CPU Cooler* - $60 shipped


Prime B-550M-A Wifi Motherboard (with I/O Shield) - $75 shipped

Used Router-Firewalls:

Fortinet Fortigate 30E - $55 shipped

Used VR Headset:

HTC Vive - Deluxe Audio Strap, VR Cover Wand and Headset Covers, All stock accessories included - $275 shipped

Payment Type: PayPal
Heatware: shantarr(at)gmail(dot)com
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Thanks! Yeah it's a great cooler and on that note, one of them sold today to a family member, one left!
I'm just commenting here as a placeholder, may need to purchase a GTX 970/980 in the near future and don't want to forget this! :LOL:

(GPU's used for authoring content, no time in the mines)

2x GTX 780 - $66 shipped

2x GTX 970 - $106 shipped

4x GTX 980 - $136 shipped

1x GTX 980Ti Classified - $186 shipped
What condition / shape are these in?

1x Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Headphones -- $50 shipped each

I'm interested. LMK :)
1x evga acx 2.0 GTX 980 - Offering $80. Let me know if we can work something out. Thanks!