Flash question


Jul 20, 2015
Well, I was told here to feel free to ask anything :)

Anyway, I got the flash to work.
But as soon as it's connected to the camera and turned on, the screen turns bright regardless of the exposure setting.
It's the same exposure regardless if for example my shutter is set to 1/100 or 1/2000. It doesn't get brighter or darker. This is with light from the flash being off.
I guess this make sense. But then the exposure on the screen is incorrect as soon as I take the photo, the final picture looks a lot different because that's when flash fires off.
My guess is, the screen becomes bright only to show you what is in the darkness?
But this kind of brings the question, what if I want to use the flash when it's relatively bright just to add some extra front light?
I read that wedding photographers use flash even when it's a very sunny day to remove the unflattering shadow between people's eyes if the sun is directly above them.

What does AU stand for when I choose zoom settings on the flash? Automatic zoom?

The flash in question is Godox TT350s and the camera is Sony A7r III


Limp Gawd
Oct 8, 2009
As far as the display, you have to used the LIVE VIEW DISPLAY setting to have it reflect any exposure compensation settings you have made. AU means that the area of flash coverage is automatically adjusted to correspond to the setting of your zoom lens.