firefox tab groups?


May 15, 2003
ok, so at work, up until this week we had still been using IE6 due to compatibility issues with certain applications that we use at work. i was using old-school Maxthon 2.x instead, since it gave me tabbed browsing and many other options, but still worked 100% with all our apps.

however, now that they upgraded to IE8, it has completely fucked up my Maxthon to the point that it is no longer usable, so i have to either use IE8 itself (which i LOATHE with every fiber of my being), or Firefox with IETab for the one application that there is left that requires IE to operate. i use Firefox at home, so naturally, that is my browser of choice.

the only problem is that there is a very important option that was available in the old-school Maxthon browser that i cannot seem to find a parallel to in Firefox....and that's the ability to set tab groups (a certain set of tabs that i can activate with a single click to open multiple specific URL's at once). i want the ability to activate this group of tabs anytime i want, but do not want it set to open those tabs every time a new browser window is opened.

i am already aware of the TabGroups Manager addon for FF, which is NOT what i'm looking for....this addon appears to simply organize multiple tabs that are already open, rather than allowing me to open a certain set of tabs at once with a single click on the tab group.

there is also the TabGroups Menu addon, which appears to be what i'm looking for....but the only problem is that i am stuck with Firefox 3.x, and that addon only works with FF 4+.

so i tried just simply setting up a folder containing a set of bookmarks to the pages i want to open at once, and it kinda works, but i have each tab's title renamed, and the title names do not persist when the browser is closed/reopened.....i would have to manually rename each tab again every time i open that set of bookmarks, which is a huge pain in the ass.

does anyone know of any addon such as the tabgroups menu addon above that works on Firefox 3.x, or know of any way to make the tab titles persist through a closing/reopening of the browser?


Jan 5, 2004
Take a look at Tabmix plus and see what you think.

There's an toggle in the options that let you use the bookmark name as the title for the tab. If you have duplicate names in your bookmarks (i.e. you've duplicated you may need to play around a bit. I noticed that I had a duplicate bookmark and had to erase them both to get the tab name to work but it stays through the multiple sessions.

I've also got a group of bookmarks in a folder that I just right-click and "Open All in Tabs" which works pretty well. I'm unsure, however, whether Tabmix is adding functionality that isn't available in the base version.