Firefox issues after update to 18.0.2


May 15, 2003
i was on 18.0.1 and kept getting the prompt to update to 18.0.2, but put it off for a week or so because i didn't want to chance losing some of the stuff i had open in some of my tabs.

i finally got around to it today and updated, but now the "Esc" key doesn't work anymore to cancel a webpage search, or to exit fullscreen on youtube videos.

for the search, i'm talking about when you "Ctrl+F" to locate certain text on the page; i used to be able to do this and find what i'm looking for, then press "Esc" to close the search bar at the bottom...this no longer works. and no, i have not placed focus away from the search box by clicking somewhere on the page before pressing "Esc"; that has always kept the search box from closing, but previously i could hit "Esc" before clicking elsewhere on the page, and the search bar would go away, but it no longer works after the update.

that, i could probably deal with if it was the only issue...however, what i can't live with is pressing "Esc" to exit out of fullscreen on youtube videos. that's a key functionality of youtube and needs to be fixed ASAP.

i have already tried completely disabling all my addons and the issues remain, anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring, and/or how to fix it?