Firefox/IE missing GUI issues???

Jan 17, 2007
So I encountered a bit of a strange issue yesterday on my laptop. (Specs in the signature). I got a blue screen of death on Win 7 64-bit. (I thought they got rid of that btw?) But anyhow, it would blue screen on "Restart with Most Recent Working Configuration" and trying Safe Mode. Windows did it's little startup repair and that seemed to work. So after this I did a chkdsk on C:/ and rebooted. It came back up look 100% then I tried to open firefox. All I got was a blank black screen. The screen reacted as if the menu bar buttons (File, Edit) were still there, but all the contents were solid black and the webpage that loaded as well. The cursor reacted to where links would be but again all black. The only reason I could tell the buttons were reacting were I knew where they "should be" and clicked. A subwindow opened, which was also black. I proceeded to try IE, which was all white. At least with IE I had access to the address bar. But all the web pages were all white... same reactivity to the webpage and links from the cursor.

I tried Google Chrome which seemed to still be working fine and IE 64-bit also worked fine. I thought it a graphics issue so I disabled the graphics driver. This allowed Firefox to show up again, but didn't work for IE. Enabling the driver again fixed firefox, but shortly after it occurred again with the black screen and this workaround no longer worked. I tried installing the latest graphics drivers to no avail... any ideas? Appreciate it!

Oh also, latest versions of all browsers.