Firefox 91 What do you use as User Profile local Backup software?


Nov 21, 2021
I am using Firefox for over 20 years.
After Installing Win 7 Pro 64bit, I did stayed at Firefox 56.0 for as much as possible, because they were available Plug-in that aloud Password editor and password local backup and import tool too.

I was forced to switch this week to Firefox 91, mostly because WWW, this is now filled with web scrips that old FF 56.0 this is unable to understand and respond.
FF 91 this includes tool for password list export to a file, but it misses password import from a file.

I do not wish ( I am in total denial ) to sync my Bookmarks or Passwords on-line.
Are you aware of third party software tool (FF profile backup and restore tool) for FF 90 and higher?