Finally Going To Replace My Aging Gaming PC (Need Advice) UK


Jun 30, 2003
My main specs currently are:

Intel Core i7 2600k
GeForce GTX 980Ti 6GB
EVGA G2 750W (PSU)
Windows 10

I game on my monitor @ 1440p. I sometimes game on my 55" TV @1440p or sometimes 4K. I want to buy a decent gaming PC without breaking the bank. I don't want the absolute best hardware because that's paying over the odds for only a slight performance increase. I would like to continue gaming at 1440p but have the option of going 4K at times. I'm the sort of person who wants to run most graphical settings on maximum (with small compromises such as reduced AA). I would like CPU and graphics card recommedations mainly. I do photo editing with Photoshop too. Would my PSU be man enough? I will stick to air cooling because I have no idea about water cooling and it scares me. Or should I be waiting? Is something good around the corner? Also I am thinking about buying a prebuild PC (with configuration) on or similar sites as I'd rather not have the hassle of building this myself. Is this wise? Budget is around £1.5k - £2k
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Sep 24, 2001
AMD 5000 series processors and RDNA2 are both launching the end of this month. Even if you don't want to buy that hardware it will cause fluctuations (price drops and competition) for sure.


Nov 12, 2001
No idea if AMD press slides are right but zen 3 might really crush intel for once. I would suggest the 8c16t part to match up to next gen consoles. As far as gpu 3700 RTX or Navi have my interest peaked but waiting for release. Just so you know the 980ti is still on par with the gtx 1070 or 1660 super / ti and close enough to the rtx 2060, so you would be right in the range for these two parts to get that huge bump.