Finally finished my custom built printer furniture and a Klipper Ender 3 Pro


Apr 2, 2007
Project long time in the making. I built a sideboard table to fit 2 standard size 3D printers (Prusa MK3S+ and Ender 3 Pro frame), plus drawers for tools and cabinets for filament, etc. There were no furniture pieces on the market that fit my wishes so I found some sideboard plans, drew it out deeper to accommodate the printers as most sideboard tables are shallow, and built it myself.

These are the plans that I used to guide my sideboard table build, really great set of plans. He goes into a lot of detail to show how to get a professional result. I also got to buy some new tools and router bits to complete the build.

Also just finished the Ender 3 Pro Klipper build, pretty complex project, glad its over. Also glad I did it, the print quality is equal or better than Marlin and the speeds are absolutely insane. I can print a Benchy calibration in just over 30 minutes at 120mm/s. I also prefer the 4" Pi screen and the KlipperScreen interface to anything else available for the Ender 3. Klipper firmware adjustments are light years ahead of Marlin. Simply make the desired changes in printer.cfg, upload, restart, and test out the changes. No more editing lines in VS Code, saving it to an SD card, inserting in the printer and rebooting.

This is the guide that I used for my Klipper build:
I also found some supplemental help on this page:

It was quite the experience, as I'm not very experienced with Raspberry Pi and the CLI, but I learned a lot about it during this project. Also learned about mapping out serial ports and changing software/firmware to address I/O based on what I want. Specifically as I wanted to get rid of the RPi USB -> SKR Mini E3 USB cable that hangs out ugly in the front. I'm now running RPi GPIO Gnd/Tx/Rx pins to the SKR Mini E3 Gnd/Rx/Tx pins, so the cable is hidden. And its running at 250000 baud so the data rate should keep up with Klipper's insane speeds.

This was the best guide I found for connecting RPi GPIO to SKR Mini E3 serial port:

After that, it was all tuning, which was time consuming and quite a bit different than what I was used to with Marlin. But follow the guide on Klipper's main site and it is fairly straightforward.

printer station.jpg

klipper ender.jpg
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