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    Oct 15, 2009
    So a buddy of mine asked me to build him a pc strictly to "run final fantasy XI well" on the cheap. I said no prob. Now he wants a laptop and wants to run a ff xi server, with bots, hopefully dual boxing. Totally insistent on the laptop... which will stay on his coffee table, go figure. I've built plenty of gaming rigs and workstations in the past, but I've been out of the loop and you can pretty much assume I've lived in a cave since 2011. My last system was a 2p nehalem (err westmere?) system built for video editing that's gone.

    Here's where we're at:

    He has a dual core intel i3 (don't know what architecture or clock, newer than sandy bridge anyhow) asus machine about the size of a sandwich with integrated graphics and a gig of ram (supports 16) and external storage.

    between that and a laptop no more than $500-700 US, I want one system to run ff xi smoothly (ideally dual boxing smoothly, not necessary tho), and another to utilize as a server, running AI bots on the server.

    This is more of an experiment on his part, and a desire to play ff xi and design bots and learn sql toying with server software from square enix than anything else.

    Any thoughts? I'll have more detailed hardware info next time i see his "sandwich" machine. I assume its starved for ram more than anything. He's running windows, and has dual boxed ff xi... but... 5 fps or less is kinda impractical and nauseating.