Fan/Cooling Help Please


Nov 16, 2007
Good mornings,

With my newly rebuilt system I now have two onboard m.2 nvme x4 gen 4 sockets. One has a gen 4 drive one a gen 3. The gen 4 has the one heat spreader that came with the mobo.

Not wanting to have throttling I picked up two of these:

I have two available fan headers on my TUF x570 Gaming Plus so I plan to use those to power the fans on the heat spreaders.

Now to my question: Are there any apps/programs I can use to individually control those fans and/or set a heat profile? The Asus Armory app is not allowing me any fan control and the other Asus fan controller apps wont install.

I suppose I could do everything from BIOS but that gets cumbersome.