Falcon systems


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 12, 2004
any chance [H] is going to review the Falcon 'Talon' or 'Mach V' any time soon?
Dunno yet. Will be slow going till we get a staff in place to handle reviews of this nature. Right now it is just Chris.
Falcon, damn I forgot all about those guys. Is there stuff still uuber expensive?
Mach V is but the Talon is priced well for what you get
I can build an Alienware system with the exact specs as the Talon and get it for cheaper.
yes but at lest the talon dosnt look alike shit and use shitty parts
I bought a Mach V back in 1998. It was a KILLER PC. Had a TNT and a Voodoo 2 in it. 333Mhz Penitum 2, 64MB of RAM. Played anything I could throw at it for the following two years. The final price almost came to $3000. And because Falcon NW didn't void your warranty for playing with your comp's innards I learned alot about assembling PCs from it.
Its hard to believe that Falcon has been around since like 1995 or maybe even earlier than that, back when PC Gaming was more "underground". I say that because almost every kid I knew back then had a Nintendo or Sega Genesis, and people paid no mind to PC Gaming. Until Doom came out :p (actually the last statement may be subject to debate).

Anyone remember the old ads they used to have in PC Magazines, showing the level of detail of models of airplanes LOL. One was like white, untextured, then one had blue, and some other things. I still wouldn't buy a premade system though...