Failed coldboot with 7+ SSD/HDDs

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by galneon, Jan 5, 2020.

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    A few years ago I put together a cheap-as-hell Ryzen 1200/Gigabyte AX370 Gaming rig, basically for fileserver and whoever-happens-to-need-it kiosk use. It retained its old case's 750w (or similar) Seasonic PSU which I still have confidence in after much testing, including stress testing fully OC'd CPU and an old HD5850 which isn't part of the rig.

    This is a basic board and doesn't offer anything like sequential HDD spinup. I have no problems coldbooting with just SSD or one pair of HDDs, but SSD + 3 pairs is no good. It will fail to finish posting multiple times and go to the UEFI suggesting unstable clocks (even at stock). Rather than reverting to defaults when offered, I just hit 'enter UEFI' and F10 to save my usual settings, forcing a reboot, and I never have problems from that point on. The box never fails to cold boot IF I hold Del and save and exit in UEFI. Then again, I suppose that makes it into a warm boot since it otherwise never reaches the OS stage.

    Is this just the kind of thing I should expect with a cheapass main board? I never put together rigs like this one, but wanted to be cute about it. It's a minor inconvenience and I rarely cold boot, so I'm not worried about it--I don't let it cost me extra spinup/spindown cycles. I'm assuming it's just a lack of robust power handling capabilities onboard and all the simultaneous spinups cause issues.
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    The motherboard has nothing to do with power handling of storage devices.

    The first thing I would try is to see if there is a more recent BIOS version available and update it. If that doesn't help, try a different power supply. You didn't specify which brand and what rating your power supply is, but weak or bad PSUs can cause issues like this. It certainly sounds like a power supply issue since it only misbehaves with more powered devices being present.
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    see if your bios has a drive delay option and try that. then move on to psu if it doesnt help.