FAH Performance Tracker

Had not seen this app until recently, and wanted to say how great I think it is.

I do agree with this recent post from another thread...

The trackers flaw is we named our systems so its hard to figure out the setup

It seems the best part of this database, is the ability to compare results by system. Is there a way to make it easier to directly sort by system? I guess you wouldn't even need that (in which case you'd need to standardize system descriptions somehow), but even having a short free text entry of system specs (instead of, or in addition to, system name) would make the information more readily available.

EDIT: This would not of course require anything different in the app, just in the way we enter information.
If you register and login, there is a huge amount of options that you can display about the systems and the sort by those. Options include cores/threads, cpu frequency, memory speed, etc.
is there a way to upload the benchmark from HFM.NET ? Or is that a potential feature ?
I'm pretty sure that Harlam357 (HFM.net author) has said that he's working on such a feature within HFM.
Had not seen this app until recently, and wanted to say how great I think it is.

Great project, thanks to 402blownstroker!

I was looking to the spreadsheet and find that yours 4P Intel E5-4650-ES (C0) server is running with the speed at 3.175GHz, and making over 1 million PPD for the project 8102. Could you please PM me how you manage to run those chips at 3.175GHz? I have the same server in folding, but the top speed at mine is 3.1GHz. Thanks in advance!