Facebook Wants To Start Selling TV Ads

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    At first I wondered how in the world would something like this even work. Then I realized Facebook wouldn't be selling conventional TV ads, it would be ads for set-top boxes.

    Facebook has wanted to get its hands on TV ad budgets for years. Now it’s taking another step closer, by selling ads that will actually appear on TVs. Next week, Facebook will start delivering video ads on apps that run on set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku through the company’s ad network. Facebook is partnering with two publishers, A+E and Tubi TV, and will deliver ads to people who watch videos on those apps, on actual television sets.
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    Yeah I deleted Facebook from my phone well over a month ago and my production has gone up 400% the honey do list is almost complete. I may need to reinstall just so my wifes list will fill back up. The joy is that I can acces what I need from the pages manager. I have a business page and a youth survival group page. Life is much more joyous with out drama page, the page manager keeps me updated directly to my 2 pages and I can log in focus on that work then drop back out. Half my "friends" thought I passed away so win win.
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    You have the right thread? Did you mean to post that in the turkey banning facebook thread? On to the original topic... Yeah, facebook... you really need more revenue... [/sarcasm]