Facebook Abandons Personalized Trending Topics

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    This is no surprise—when was the last time you saw something that was truly relevant and tailored to you in the social network’s Trending Topics section? The company has decided to throw in the towel in regards to tailored content; henceforth, you will only be shown popular current events. Now I get to see compelling stuff like "fast food worker puts menstrual blood on customer’s hamburger." I suppose any attempt at improvement here is futile.

    Facebook’s Trending Topics section – and the company’s attempt at personalizing it – has been controversial since its inception. While it’s a useful vignette of the topics people are talking about, Facebook’s attempts at tailoring the section to your own interests were often met with backlash. Now the company has given up on personalization and settled on a more traditional list of the most popular current events. The update consists of three changes. In Facebook’s own words, these are: Trending topics will now feature a publisher headline below each topic name. An improved system to determine what is trending. Everyone in the same region will see the same topics.
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    I was have such a nice day, after so many crappy ones, and you HAD to go ruin it!! Damn you Megalith ! :arghh: :vomit: :sick: