Eyefinity Secondary Resolution


Apr 7, 2010
I run 3x30" monitors in eyefinity on a single 7970 and for many games, I don't have enough power for that. Until I can afford another 7970, I was wondering if it was at all possible to get 5760x1200 working. My next resolution given to me is 5040x1050 which looks like hell when scaled across the 30"rs. If I go to "Customize Eyefinity Desktop Resolution" the choices I get are: 5040x1050(3x16:10), 4800x1200 (3x4:3), 3840x1024 (3x5:4), 3840x800(3x16:10), 3072x768(3x4:3). All these are not good. 5040x1050 and 3840x800 are 16:10 but too low of a resolution. since 3840x800 is my 4th resolution, it's sharp, but then I have to sit like 10' away for the pixels to dissolve.

In the past I have a Dell 3008wfp in which could take a single link input and then have a max of 1920x1200, then I could run 5760x1200, but with mis-matching inputs, I got one monitor with the rolling v-sync issue and the 3008 has horrendous input lag. I'm starting to think Ill have to upgrade all my monitors to 3011's. Anyone have any ideas?