External Storage Chassis Hook up Question


Jan 9, 2002
This is probably a stupid question been looking around a while now couldn't find anything.

So if i get this chassis

and only want to put hard drives in it and connect it to a

That has 2 external SFF-8088 ports, what am i missing in between the 2? How do i get the 24 drives to hook up to those 2 ports can i get nice pci brackets where the 4 sas/sata cables could plug into and get a sff 8088 port or whatever the male/female equiv is. Or do i need a sas expander. Anybody have a faq or doc on this, basically want to hook the 24 drives up to another server and card.

Was thinking of getting 2 of those chassis or more and hooking them up to a server that can fit up to 6 of the areca cards, if there's a better solution or better parts just let me know, first time designing something externally. Do the chassis with the harddrives need a mobo and cpu or can they just be bare hard drives?


Jan 30, 2008
You can get that chassis, just make sure you get the one with the SAS expander built into the backplane (216E1-R900). Then the only other pieces you need are as follows:

SuperMicro CBL-0167L SFF-8087 backplane cable
SuperMicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB1 ATX Power controller

Of course you also need a SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 cable to connect the 1680 to the 216 chassis.

This way you can add another 216 chassis later and connect it to the 2nd SFF-8088 connector on the 1680 controller.


Limp Gawd
Jul 1, 2009
Generally, you chain sas expanders. So you don't need six raid cards.

You just need a couple expanders, if you can find one that is compatible.
If you plan to chain multiple expanders, use the same brand (or chip model and version) for each expander. Don't mix and match them.

If the chip in the expander isn't compatible with the card, your drives may all be listed as drive #0, or the numbering order of the disks could be way off in the raid card management software

You don't need a mobo in the storage case.