External Burner with Usb 2.0 Issues


Ice Czar

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Id say try reloading the drivers (check for updates w\ the manufacturer)
Start > Run > (Type) Compmgmt.msc > Device Manager >
IDE ATA\ATAPI controllers (uninstall all listed)
USB serial Bus controllers (uninstall all listed)
Uninstall the drive itself
and reboot they will all be reloaded and the new hardware wizard (should) appear (I think, it might just auto reinstall the drive as well)

dont have much PMCIA experience but reloading the driver for that as well, might be a good idea

check the USB BIOS options and possibly reinstall your burning software

also look at the fragmentation level of the data your trying to burn from (especially if for instance its P2P download which would locate it all to hell and back) a seperate partition for P2P downloads is always a good idea, and regularly defrag it ideally with a program that will reassemble the file to contigious space, or move it to a new partition so that "hopefully" that happens.