eVGA FX5900SE overclockable?


May 18, 2001
Strange I just installed mine yesterday and it recognized fine with coolbits. What driver version are you running? I upgraded to 53.03 WHQL. I did the auto feature in cool bits and it set my core to 467 and the mem to 840. I got 5500ish is 3Dmark2K3.
I received my 5900SE from Newegg yesterday, but have not installed it yet. This is my first Nvidia based card since I had a Ti4200. Since when does coolbits have an "auto feature" ? I never remember seeing it in the past- sounds cool, though.
I dunno this has been weird. This is my first overclocking experience so who knows what I'm screwing up. Several people have recommended upgrading the power supply because I have a generic 300W unit, so I ordered an Antec True480 a day or two ago from new egg so we'll see if that helps.

I've been able to overclock it in Rivatuner and I've also had Coobits do autodetects up to 497/896, but like I said before when I look at my system specs AFTER running 3DMark03 it shows a core of 376.6. Before the test 3DMark03 will detect 497/896 or whatever I have it set to, but afterwards it is down to 376.6 everytime. I'm running it at 376/750 right now, thats the only setup that I've been able to break 5K with.

I still love this card, I use to have to run Call of Duty at 800x600 on my GeForce 440MX and now I'm running it at 1280x1024 with everything max except AA and AF and it looks great (sometimes I run it at 2xAA and 2xAF but usually leave it off).

Oh, I'm running 53.03.
It might be your CPU that's holding you back (Alot of games seem to be CPU bound atleast that's what I 've noticed) but I think it has more to do with not having a good PSU, or maybe slow memory (PC 2100?).