EVGA DG-8 Gaming Case Series

May 20, 2011
EVGA DG-8 Gaming Case Series: "Introducing the EVGA DG-8 line of full-tower cases. These cases are built for the enthusiast with an optimized airflow path that gives you dedicated cooling fans for your graphics cards, a K-Boost button that automatically boosts fanspeed and CPU/GPU, a built in fan controller and much more. These new line of cases are the ultimate platform for any gaming or graphics enthusiast. With these features and more, it is easy to see how DG means Designed for Gaming!"


Very cool case if your into that kind of look. Seems well thought out with a lot of options, price is much more affordable then I thought it would be. I particularly like the rear design, hiding the I/O and providing the 2 140/120mm exhaust fans. Also that side HDMI port will come in handy when I take the plunge into VR (no word yet if its a 2.0 port). Available for pre-order now with a discounted price, shipping costs can varry from $20 to over $50 depending on where you live (case is HUGE). Shipping sometime in August. There is no detailed review of this case yet.


Supreme [H]ardness
May 10, 2010
Wish this was smaller (0 need for e-ATX support and Full Tower Form Factor, maybe not even ATX or mid) and oriented the other way (my workspace/desk is weirdly oriented on the left side as opposed to the more common right side for a tower).


Mar 3, 2016
Was going to pre-order one of these because of the discount they are offering, but the shipping costs are extremely high ($40+) and eat up the discount. Plus there is a serious lack of detailed information on these even on their own sale page.