EVGA 790i need help, wont always boot


May 21, 2008
So I picked the 790i up about a month ago for a new computer. Have been having a few issues but I've resolved all of them so far. Currently, the computer won't always start up. If I hit the power button, the fans spin up but that confirmation startup beep won't occur. I have to power the system down from the power button and try again to get it to start, at which point I get a message that the BIOS is in safe mode now and I need to reset my cpu/memory settings. It is happening fairly consistently now when I power down the computer. The only change is that I purchased a gtx 280 from PNY about a week ago, other then that no changes to the hardware have occured. I am running the latest BIOS P05.
Sounds like power supply.
when you start your pc everything starts at the same time (duh) and the load to the power supply can pretty bad for a few milliseconds. That peak starting power may be over the limit of your current setup. that's why the system turns on and the fans spin but nothing else happens.

try a better/higher rated psu because it looks like your at the ceiling of what your PSU can give you.
Ill check out the PSU as well, but I may have fixed it. Apparently my ram was set at 1.5v when it should have been 1.7. Would that have been a possible cause (seeing as its fixed, but it may just be something else, wanted to confirm)
I have the XFX 790i Ultra and was problems with lockups 4-5 times a day. It was thememory voltage. It wanted to default to 1.5v and should have been 1.7v. Manually set to 1.7v and have had no lockups for last 2 weeks.