Ever Wonder How Much Hacking Tools Cost?

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    By now most of us have heard about the Dark Web and know you can buy all sorts of illegal stuff there. However, I bet you didn't know how little you have to spend to be a scammer. It's unbelievable how low the prices are for hacking tools. Prices range from less than 2GBP to more than 38,000GBP. This came from researchers at Top10VPN who went out and looked at five of the biggest sites and made a list of the hacking tool categories and prices for the tools. You'll be surprised by what is out there.

    The alarmingly low barrier of entry to online fraud is lowered even further by the proliferation of hacking manuals typically selling for £8 or less or even thrown in for free as a sweetener with the sale of hacking tools.
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    I'd imagine a lot of these hacking tools are free in Kali Linux. It's the OS that pentesters / forensics use, and is constantly being updated with new tools.

    I'm sure that shortly after they go on the black market, they're rolled into this OS so PenTesters can test against them.
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    You are right, in a general way, it takes time though to QC the tools are ensure they don’t contain exploits of their own. Kali is mainly a discovery platform, you can get vmware workstation 14 and an iso of kali for free if you want to mess around. There are some good youtube tutorials on use cases.

    The expensive ones are the zero days, hell, companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these themselves. The new big thing is crowd sourced hacking vs old fashioned pen testing, I mean you run a vuln scan and its outdated instantly, its just a snapshot in time. One wrong box checked on your firewall and youre toast. Crowd sourced white hat testing is on time all the time, it works really well, but is expensive.