ETH has corrected from this weekend's crash.


Aug 6, 2009
Obviously ETH is still way off from a month ago (it's down nearly 50% from mid-June), but after dropping to $130ish over the weekend it's now back up to $200ish, and up a few percentage points from last Tuesday.

This volatility is fun :cool:, but where do you think ETH will stabilize in the next few weeks to months?

I'm hoping it stays around $200 for the next two weeks at least - if that happens then I break even at the end of this month (not considering the value of the hardware that I bought - conservatively not including those in my calculations since I don't know what their worth will be when I do sell - it'll just be a 'bonus'). I plan to cash out at that point, and then simply hold every coin I mine thereafter.

What are your plans? Do you consider cryptocurrency part of your investment strategy short-term? Long-term?


Fully [H]
May 15, 2006
Investment? Nah. Fun stuff, though. I'm still very much a newb (I did find .01 BTC in a wallet from 2013 when I was playing around for a weekend... didn't think it was going very fast so I stopped it. Power bill and all that.). Now I just mine with free power at work. Spare parts, a few GPU's. Definitely nothing to write home about when it comes to returns, but it's just a learning thing and getting a few bucks out of it.

But, I do play on keeping it more long term and not selling at the first sign of a panic like last weekend. I'm definitely not saying I had some regrets and was wondering if it was even worth the time and effort I put into it.
Jul 9, 2011
Personally I think the price today is just an upswing and will drop again shortly..., impossible to predict though.


May 31, 2017
I was trying to buy at the low, but missed out b/c I set my limit at 131 and it never got there. oh well.


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May 21, 2008
got one coin at 137, should have bought like 10 or so, I also rolled over some BTC when it was 12% less down than ETH. I'm looking to get into Ripple here soon, and I just got me a 580 on the way at "normal" prices (in stock prices, i know it's not normal but beats the hell out of the going prices)

I'm not planning on getting rich but in 2 years I hope to have made enough trading that I can get a 4k projector for "free", or just set a 5 year goal and see if I can raise enough to put in an in-ground pool. I'll call it my own mining pool :)