Error setting up FAH


2005 [H]orde|Bowl Champion
May 1, 2005
So, I'm trying to re-borg a couple thigns, trying to get back on my feet, and I went to a computer that I've had FAH running on for a long time, and I get an error during setup.

I do fah504-console.exe -configonly, and after the first 4 prompts, I get a Windows error. It asks if I want to send it to MS, and when I try to get more information, the rror code is 0xc0000005.

Any help? All I can find online is that that error message while it is folding can be related to having visuals up when the WU ends, but I'm not even folding yet.
clear out the folder and download it again?

Thats my only guess
Based on a quick Google, it seems that the error code is most commonly associated with RAM errors. You might want to start with a full run of memtest and see what that turns up.