EQ2 & Sony connection problems? Very Strange!


Oct 16, 2006
This is going to sound weird but its happening! My wife and I are avvid EQ2 (sony everquest 2) players. We have had no problems loading the game (it connects to the sony servers on loading) and their respective websites such as eq2players.com for years. Now all of a sudden for no reason last night both of us can no longer not only load the game but log into their website. We can access anything we type the browser and all other online games work and load fine. Sony's tech support had us run some logs and they said its not their fault. My ISP (charter.com) has NO IDEA what they are doing, we explained the problem and they were clueless... I have reset everything, double checked my router settings and notice nothing wrong.

How could something , one server out of millions, one game out of thousands all of a sudden at 10:30 pm one night completely stop working? Expecially their respective website ring?

We are completely lost, and have no idea whats going on, no one will help us and we are addicts to the game. If anyone knows how this is possible and what we can check or try we would both very much appreciate it!

Thank you so very much!



Nov 5, 2005
its for your own good, eq2 is the devil :p as an ex eq addict i know. But seriously, kinda odd issue, can you ping the servers? did you do any changes to routers/firewalls/proxy?
Jul 8, 2007
try finding out what port the game is using. i used to play and found that if i opened the port on the router i had better connection problems....also check your anitvirus software nortons firewall has a tendency to block online games for no reason after some updates