Epyc Engineer Sample: 2S1905A4VIHF4 Testing


Aug 11, 2017
For anyone that might be curious about these. They are first gen Epyc Engineering samples that have been floating around on eBay for a while. I bought one about a year ago just to play around with and test. Understand that regardless of what I say below, I am not recommending you run out and buy one, I am just trying to share my experiences with it in case you too would like to test one.

Test System Specs:
Processor: 2S1905A4VIHF4 (32 cores, 64 Threads 1.9GHz base, 2.5GHz Boost)
Motherboard: AsRock EPYCD8-2T
Memory: Samsung M393A2K40CB2-CTD (16GB DDR4 2666 ECC Registered) x4 (all memory channels function, but only half are populated)

I originally installed server 2016 and ran an entire battery of stress tests and benchmarks. Had no memory errors, no crashes, no system hangs, nothing after a full 24 hours of running. I installed a be Quiet dark rock 4 for TR4 on it and temperatures under max load only reached 50c. Everything functioned at 100% without fault.

Afterwards I installed unRAID and began creating test VMs. Installed server 2016, several Linux servers. created file shares, and eventually even moved my personal domain controller over to it as a VM. I've rebooted the server only a hand of of times now, and today it was up for 156 days before I performed my updates to unRAID and rebooted it.

I originally had the first bios revision for the motherboard (1.20p I think) and was a bit cautious about upgrading from it, but after testing newer bios revisions I found that there were no negative effects. I have the latest and greatest bios revision installed for the motherboard at this point today.

I can genuinely not find a single flaw or fault with my sample. All memory channels function. All 32 cores and 64 threads function without issues. The chip even boosts without any problems. Temps are low. Power consumption is perfectly normal. Thermals are all in expected ranges based on the different loads I've placed on it. As compared to some other Engineering samples I've tested before this processor runs entirely as if it was a production processor.

If there is anything you would like me to test on it feel free to ask.


Nov 4, 2015
Thanks for the write-up! Great to hear, and if their engineering samples are working that good, it's a good sign for production processors.