EK Predator 360 replacement


Limp Gawd
Jan 10, 2019
I have an EK XLC Predator 360 that I bought a few years ago. Is the Pheonix any different?

Are there better options? Any advice?

I just got my 9900K and wanted to move my Predator from my server to my 9900K and get a new premium AIO for my server that could also be used for Thread Ripper 2 (Zen 2 version down the road when I upgrade)

Is the Predator compatible with the new TR4?

Any advice? Am I mistaken?

EDIT: Can you use the 360mm Predator radiator with the Pheonix sTR4 block? Like are the QDCs the same?

Yea, Pheonix replaced Predator and is about the same. Supposedly, the QDCs are slightly better but I find it hard to believe the old ones were any worse. I don't recall the Predator ever leakign when disconnecting them.
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