Eizo Foris 2421 keeled over, need advice


Mar 12, 2012
Hello, my 7 years old, beloved 2421 started showing dark spot onscreen, so it's sadly time to look for a new panel. The offers are overwhelming, so I thought of making a shortcut by having someone in the know (you guys) recommending me some tried and tested models. What was important for me (descending by importance):
  • Flicker-free - some Samsung panels claim it, then use PWM still absolute deal breaker for me, it wrecks my eyes
  • High refresh rate - 120Hz was enough for me, but it's nice to have, obviously
  • good contrast and colors - I admit I appreciate the deep contrast of the VA panel.
  • must be usable also for working with text (programming, unix terminals) - I have read that QLED monitors are terrible in this matter
  • some blur reduction function for FPS gaming would be nice
  • Preferred size and res is 24 inches 1920x1080 or up to 32 inches and 2K. Not going bigger than that due to video card strain.
Thanks for any tips!