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Jan 29, 2006
Albert@home is currently down for upgrades.

As Albert@Home is completely down atm, I set up this thread here at Einstein@Home.

Albert@Home is down due to the conversion to Drupal. Unfortunately we found that we couldn't keep the web server running during conversion, affecting not only the web pages, but also scheduler, upload etc. Albert@Home doesn't have a dedicated DB server, we need basically all resources on that machine for converting the BOINC DB (user, forums) tables to the Drupal DB. If all goes well this time, Albert@Home will be back up later today; however we already had a few unsuccessful conversion attempts (each taking ~12h). More likely it will take until tomorrow.


Edit: I created an account called HardOCPtest so that anyone whom wanted to test or contribute anonymously could do so.

to attach a computer to your account without using the BOINC Manager.
To do so for Einstein, install BOINC, create a file named account_einstein.phys.uwm.edu.xml in the BOINC data directory, and set its contents to:


To do so for Albert, install BOINC, create a file named account_albert.phys.uwm.edu.xml in the BOINC data directory, and set its contents to:



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If we do a challenge for Einstein in September, then here is a quick note for the GPU crunchers.

The Gamma-ray pusar search work units still use mostly CPU's even though they are GPU work units. Therefore, your GPU(s) will be idle most of the work unit. It would probably be best to not run these as you will get low points for the time invested. The GPU's could be better used on other GPU apps that would better utilize them.


hmm if I would have known that I wouldn't have suggested it.... Still a good project but it seems like there will have to be a disclaimer for most projects that GPU users need not participate.
Well...they have more than one GPU app. This specific one is the exception. So, a simple uncheck in the project preferences and you are good to go... :)

But yes, there are typically apps or tweaks at most projects to increase you performance. So, it is difficult to spoon feed everyone.
I might have to have you give a quick step by step. Not sure where that is.... under the BOINC client, click on the project you want to adjust and click on properties on the left side?
No.... go to Einsteins website http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/ and log into your account there. Then there is a link to click that says preferences for this project Einsteain@home preferences. Click Edit Einstein@home preferences under whatever profile you want to change up. You can select which apps you want to run here.
Maybe this is old news for most of you, but I hope not...

Tip - I have found that I need to underclock all of my AMD cards (7870, 7950, 7970, 280, 280X) 25 - 50MHz below stock to prevent blue screens when running Einstein. It is the only project that causes this to happen. Currently on the latest WHQL 14.4 drivers, but this same thing occurred with older drivers, as well.
GPUGrid had this issue on some nVidia cards earlier this year. But their batches change so, once that was done my cards were fine.
I just joined Albert@Home over the weekend, but their website is currently hosed up and it will not allow me to join the [H]ard|OCP team. When I go to the team's page, there is no selection for me to "Join This Team". I have posted this issue in their forums a few days ago, but no one has yet responded. Just wanted to share this in case anyone else runs in to this issue.
That link didn't work, but I was able to join via BOINCStats. I had forgotten you can join teams there. Thanks for the reminder!
apparently there was an extra http:// in the link I had. It has been fixed.
Nihilus1, it seems to be working for me. What is the troubles?
it doesnt sem to be uploading any projects. i even removed the project and added again.
Arecibo GPU only; 0.25 gpu utilization of BRP
Hmm seems to be working now that I checked all the projects. It is Arecibo GPU that is the problem. That really sucks since I wanted to use my GPU and NOT my CPU
That is odd because I just do GPU. Maybe it was a hiccup.
My Arecibo GPU tasks (using the Intel 4600 GPUs in my CPUs) have been uploading fine. I haven't noticed any issues myself.
Everything is working well today. I am actually Einstein@home user of the day today.
Check me out! :cool:
I reached my 10million point goal today.

Now I will focus my GPU's on PrimeGrid to reach my 250million points goal there. It never ends... :D

Due to Google removing trust for Symantec certificates, we need to update our SSL certificate. This will happen on Monday (Apr 17). The new certificate will ensure compatibility with new webbrowsers, but BOINC clients older than v7.4 may no longer be able to connect. If at all possible, please update your BOINC client. If you are deliberately using an older BOINC client, please ensure that the "ca-bundle.crt" file is updated (instructions will be issued).

Behind the scenes we are trying to get a certificate that works with older clients as well as new browsers, but currently that doesn't seem to work out.