Eheim Replacement Parts?


Limp Gawd
Aug 16, 2003
Anyone know of a good place (or any place for that matter) that sells Eheim 1250 replacement parts? Im a bit weary of calling Eheim as they are european based (right?) Basically, I need every part for the front side that covers the impeller.

EDIT*: I found a place, but it was stationed in europe. They had all the parts I needed. The total for the parts was only about 13 bucks, but the shipping was $30!! So if you can find one based in the US, that would be great.

Thanks guys.
WoW, Mr. Cathar himself. How ya doing? Still selling those nice SS Cascades i presume? Anyways, I'll look around in the yellow pages tommorow for any aquariums nearby, but if anyone can point me to a site online, that would be great as well.