DWDM gear experience


Aug 24, 2005
Anyone have experience with DWDM gear? We're preparing for a large metro area fiber run and a couple of point to point datacenter connections. Planning on just using passive filters and colored optics for the point to points as they are short ( <10km for one and 30km for the second diverse path).

The metro ring part is tricky because some of the runs are longer, a couple are 100km plus. We're evaluating two solutions. One from MRV and it's all waves, 10gb each, which sounds great until you price out routers that can do 10gb ports. That's 10gb per site and 9 sites total.

The other solution we are evaluating is from Ciena and it's a carrier ethernet solution. One aggregated 10gb ring (20gb if you consider east/west) and we would have CIR/EIR for each site of 1gb/5gb.

I'd just do passive on the ring also to save money but the long runs are tricky because now you need amps and regeneration and dispersion compensation blah blah blah.

Just wondering if any of you [H]ers have ever used the stuff before and have any recommendations.