dual lcd setup recommendations


Jan 3, 2003
Does anybody here use 2 lcd monitors together on their windows box?

I'm looking into getting such a setup. I don't see many mainstream video cards that have two DVI ports, so perhaps I'd need to do both on analog or one on each.

I currently have a planar px171m (love it) 17" monitor which has both DVI and analog, and I cannot really distinguish the image quality between either connection. Does anybody here really see a major difference?
Matrox has dual head dvi outputs. I run dual displays, with one on a dvi connection and the second one on just analog. Also, get Ultramon to run the displays separately.
Ultramon? What's the benefit of that over letting windows handle it? :)
There are also many nvidia cards with dual-dvi. I'm not sure there are any ATi dual-dvi cards outside of the FireGL line.

I think Ultramon give you a second taskbar for the windows that are on the second monitor
I am running dual 1800FP's on a Matrox G550 Dual-DVI. Side by side, when I had one on DVI and one analog, I could see a significant difference in picture quality, primarily text. But, I am dual-DVI now, and I love it.
I'm running off a Radeon9800, one in DVI and one in analog, and there is a difference side by side. I probably wouldn't be able to tell if they weren't side by side, but the text in DVI is MUCH clearer and easier to read. At least at the native 1600x1200.

After fiddling with the analog settings, the analog screen is "acceptable" for text and i use both screens evenly for everyday use. But i do wish someone would make a dual DVI ATI card. =)