Dual displays are not working correct

Tony Montana

Sep 11, 2001
I have a RADEON 9800Pro 128Mb//

I got a Samsung SyncMaster 940BW LCD about 2 months ago and I hooked it up via the digital adapter and it works fine.. Then i hooked up my old 19inch CRT through the VGA output on the video card.. And extended it via the display settings. Horrey dual monitorss.. Worked great for about 2 months.. Im stupid so i listed to someones suggestion about "if you have a color profile listed in the display settings for the LCD then take it out cause the LCD doesnt need a icm file" soooo i did that ok no big deall.. next morning i turn on my computer and the LCD is just black but turned on and the CRT is displaying the its extended section.. Ok.. first thing i thought was i removed the ICM profile.. So i turned off the computer reconnected the CRT so i can freakin view the main display.. Downlanded the LCD drivers and reinstalled it that put the icm profile back in the display settings. Restarted still does the same thing the LCD is black and the CRT works. . Sooo what ive done is a slue of combinations.. unisntalling display drivers switching what is the main display and what is the extened.. I get it to work the way I want LCD main CRT extened but when i turn off the computer and start it back up a few times it goes back to the same old thing.. The LCD flickers from Analog to Digital mode a few times then it stays at just BLANK BLACK.. Sometimes the whole screens goes crazy and its UNRECOGNIZABLE is in manner of it looking scrambled..

Any suggestions.. It worked fine untill i removed the icm profile...