Drivehub Review: Grade A


Jul 25, 2005
Drivehub is a device that solves an age old problem: how to keep using a videogame steering wheel after a console upgrade. It allows you to use an older wheel like a logitech G25 or G27 on PS4 or Xbox One. The full list of compatible wheels is of course shown

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I considered buying Drivehub for years before finally getting it a couple of weeks ago. Have an Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel. Testing was done on PC and PS4. First thing to know is that, despite what is written in some reviews, PC is NOT officially supported. But I was able to get it working by installing the Logitech software and tweaking the settings (the PC thinks it is a G27). Now, something about the MS wireless steering wheel. It is already compatible with PC but without force feedback. MS promised to release a Windows driver way back when but never followed through. With Drivehub, I NOW HAVE FFB ON PC, YAY! And it works perfectly. No lag or other issues.

On the PC played the following racers: Grid 2, Dirt Rally, F1 2015, Forza Horizon 3. All good. On the PS4 Gran Turismo Sport. Will be testing Driveclub soon. Plug and play on the PS4.

Minor complaints: setup is easy but I found the manual difficult to understand. There is a rev display on the unit but I hear it only works on PS4.

Overall an A product, highly recommended, lives up to the hype. Most racing games are more fun with a FFB steering wheel, and this makes it easier to play with a wheel.