Doom 2: Hell on Earth Teased for E3 2018

Oh my. The new Doom, 2016 is not great. I have all of ids stuff, bought full price, on release, up to Rage. I quit doing that after that awful game. I have a friend with the new Doom and its not impressive. I won't buy it until its under $10.

I have about 1000 wads for the Doom and Doom2 games and they are amazing. I have played wads with 20 cybers. The H2H Mudfest competition stuff is just stunning. The new one is very much meh.

Never heard about "H2H mudfest" wads. They dont google either :cool:

Any way you could point someone to their location?

Among the 1000 wads that you have I "know" that you have finished HR1 and HR2. Some of the most challenging mappacks that there was with one exception that you may have heard of - it takes a while to complete because of all of the puzzle challenges. I paused - to later complete - at map 23, because my old XP puter HD crapped out and I havent gotten around to getting the Hd disks recovered.

......can get way past the 24 fps that we were happy about when the games first came out. That in itself is one reason that the new maps are still being made - IMHO.
Nightmare will test you. Make a single mistake and you loose nearly all your health. Make two and you get punished quite severely.

I really do wish there was a mega terror mode that bumped up the actual difficulty without permadeath, though.