Sep 5, 2002
Are we taking donations for servers or website stuff? I would be happy to throw a few bucks in the pot to help make this happen. I scanned the forum briefly and could not find any word of it.
The only reason we havent yet is because we would have to use my personal paypal account and i figured alot of people would have a problem with that.
Set up a fund overseen by Kyle, problem solved.

Kyle can be trusted.
Ya, I trust the big man. And that also gives him added control over this at the start to make sure things don't get out of hand.
that would mean Kyle would be responsible to pay all the bills and manage the account. If he is up for that then it doesnt matter to me. I was considering making another paypal account for Hard Gaming. Requires a bank account though so ill have to set that up to get instant payments.

Ill ask kyle to respond in here.
I can handle the money, but Paypal is gonna rape us on fees. I do NOT want to be responsible for payments though. I could gift the money to you whoever is going to pay and we could keep all invoices public. No big deal to do that.
Yes, we could do something of that nature. Might be good to gift the money in as well to avoid losing so much. This could be up to the givee though.
This sounds like a fair setup. I agree!
Were ready for donations but were going to wait till the website is done so we can know what we have instead of having to query through kyle all the time.
No idea. We did have an outage for a few days but i dont know if it affected development. If i had to guess i would say a few weeks.