does your 2005fpw list to one side?


Mar 11, 2005
got mine the other day (monday) and have it set up on my desk...

something odd... when it's rotated all the way down, it isn't straight... the left side is definitely lower than the right... and it's not a "visual effect", i got out my level and made sure the desk was level, and then put the level on top of the monitor, and sure enough, it's not level...

only 2 bad pixels and slight backlighting issue... to rma or not to rma? i have it level now, but it's not all the way locked in...


Limp Gawd
Oct 12, 2004
mine seems to be perfectly level as well, probably just a minor problem.

I've got 8+ messed up pixels but only two that I can notice without using dead pixel buddy, I'm trying to decide if I should RMA now too. One of the two isn't bad at all, but the other dead one your regulat big black pixel and its right where the bottom part of windows meet the task bar, hard to see when you're not doing anything but easy if you're doing any "work".


Mar 25, 2005
I just got my 2005FPW on Tuesday and I had thought it wasn't exactly level. Now that you bring this up, I'm going to get the level out tonight. Although, have to make sure the desk is level too! :D There might be something with the rotating mechanism that it overrotates slightly when going back to horizontal.

Only have 1 stuck/blue pixel visible on black only and the usual backlight bleed but not terrible. I'll post back when I get out the level and see.

I'd probably keep it... could be worse with pixels and backlight. Some people have 8-10 bad/dead pixels...