Does Uplay suck security wise?


Aug 29, 2001
Had something strange happen to me last night when I logged into The Division to play...I come to find out that someone created another character using my account (used it for all about 4 minutes) and my character was leveled up from 14 to 18 and my Dark Zone rank went up also! My play time prior to this was about 20-24 hours and when I got back on yesterday evening, it was over day.

I have two computers I game home desktop that is normally in sleep mode unless my wife is using her account on it and my laptop I'm using while staying with family during the week. Both have passwords/PINs to login with.

I had a friend get his account hacked and taken away from him and I had a similar situation about a year ago..changed passwords etc.

Last night I changed my login email, unlocked my uplay account from Facebook/Xbox live and my password to play it safe.

Has anyone else run into this?


Mar 20, 2007
I dont use Uplay so I cant say I have had it happen to me....but this is not the first time I have heard this.


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Selling Steam, Origin, UPLAY, etc accounts is big business nowadays. Why sell powerleveling services or in game gold when you can sell them a full furnished account for no effort? All you have to do is get their email address from a hack of a store that they shopped online. More than likely they use the same password for gaming services. Then sell their account to the highest bidder.