Does the Geforce2 mx400 support widescreen?


Sep 4, 2004
My parents want me to order and set-up a widescreen lcd for them but they're using an old Geforce2 mx400. Does that even support widescreen resolutions? The only info I could find was that it supports up to 2048x1536 but nothing about widescreen. I just want to be sure before I make them pay for a new videocard. Thanks.
I highly doubt it. I had that card 4 or 5 years ago in my AMD 1600+ rig. I swapped it out for an FX 5200 eventually. :p Anyway, I can't tell you for sure, but I would be extremly suprised if it did support widescreen. Widescreens wern't very prominent back then. infact, their not even really prominent now a days.

Perhaps the widescreen resolutions only show up when you have a widescreen monitor though. I'm not sure. So you could probably disregard my entire post since I was no help at all.
Yeah that's what I was thinking since the card is so old and widescreen is relatively new. But then I was thinking maybe driver updates add support for new resolutions? Is that even possible?
Google "geforce2 mx400 widescreen". One of the links you'll find is a recent Haiku driver developed for TNT/GeForce2 cards which offers proper widescreen resolution to a card which normally wouldn't have it, such as the MX400.

Come to think of it, Nvidia's official drivers might be able to do it too. GeForce2 MX400 is so old, so it's hard to find =/.
Perhaps. Do you maybe ahve a widescreen monitor around to try?

Or maybe go down to a local electronics store and buy one and try it out. You usually have 30 days to return them and there shouldn't be any restocking fees or anything like that.