Does G-Sync eliminate SLI micro stutter?

Discussion in 'nVidia Flavor' started by Archaea, Aug 20, 2017.

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    just as the title states...

    I have a pair of 1080TI on a trio of freesync 1440p monitors. I think i'm experiencing microstutter with SLI - when I take it out of SLI the stutter feel is gone, and it feels more like just standard 60Hz refresh should.

    Does G-Sync eliminate microstutter associated with SLI?
  2. skiddierow

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    Aug 1, 2013
    What game?

    Need to think more 'per application' when using SLI.

    I used SLI for a few years both on Fixed 60Hz and with Gsync. The problem I'd guess people refer to as microstutter, is when you're forcing an AFR mode without proper SLI compatibility bits.

    Gsync will not solve that issue. Only game support, and correct compatibility bits will.

    But IMO, Gsync is a must-have for SLI. Because, it reduces the noticeably worse input lag you get with Vsync + SLI.
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    No, it will not. Microstutter happens due to the way frames are processed, not how they are presented. G-Sync will only eliminate judder and tearing.
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    SLI micro-stutter comes from inconsistent/varying frame times, not from FPS, which G-Sync matches the refresh rate of your monitor to.

    Think of frames rendered as being delivered by the GPU and presented to you via your monitor, G-Sync pretties up the presentation side by matching it to what the GPU renders, not delivers. If the monitor hasn't had anything delivered to it to present, it's late and you get micro-stutter before it gets back on track.

    Some applications do handle SLI better then others, and good support for SLI can make it much less noticible, but it's my understanding microstutter will always be present.

    Someone please correct me if that example missed the mark.
  5. bl4d3runn3r

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    May 31, 2016
    When I had an SLI setup with GTX 680, I limited the frames always to 60 FPS, that fixed the microstutter if I used it in combination with Vsync, but the input lag kinda sucked. So i never bought a SLI setup again, it's just not worth it IMO.
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    You can't eliminate inherent micro-stutter unless there is a hardware or driver side fix. It is a variable from engine to engine and title to title. Depending on your game you may expereience it ranging from none to a game ruining mess. I recall playing Crysis 3 on launch with 2 7970s in Crossfire and despite having over 60 fps avg it felt like a stuttery disaster.

    Hardocp has been subjectively testing experiences like this for years, and PcPerspective was one of the first website to notoriously expose sli and crossfire frame pacing, (especially crossfire at the time) as a scam that was just essentially fudging your fps numbers. While it looks good in graphs, the real world is a whole different scenario, and after using multi gpu halo cards for 10 years from both vendors I've also given up on it.
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    Are you using a high bw bridge?