docsis 3.1 vs fiber?


Apr 20, 2013
i'm still not sure if i understand the concept of docsis 3.1, technically docsis 3.1 is just replacing the box/modems on both sides with the same cooper cable/lines connected right?(adsl+2) and they offer gigabit speeds @ 1/10gigabits?

while fiber does that at the same time?

is it easy to upgrade from adsl+2 to docsis 3.1 just by switching the boxes on both ends?
You are confusing a bunch of different technologies.
ADSL/ADSL2+ is run over copper (telephone) pairs. ADSL2+ maxes out at 24Mbit (sometimes more depending on equipment). You can bond two pairs with Annex.M to boost speeds to theoretically double. If you want faster data you have to look at VDSL.
DOCSIS is the standard for operating data over cable (coax) cables. DOCSIS 3.1 will require the cable company to change out equipment at the head end, and maybe other plant gear in order to support more data.

You can't mix and match. Cable internet operates solely over coax cables. DSL operates solely over telephone (copper) pairs. They are not compatible with each other.

Finally, fiber optic cable will beat all of the above in almost every way. Speed, future upgrading (just change out fiber transceiver equipment on both ends), and reliability. DSL and Cable internet have fiber beat in installation costs because the plant is already there in both cases. Fiber needs less maintenance though, such as being impervious to water and RFI/EMI and other sources of interference.