disk partitioning for ubuntu


Jul 13, 2006
i've a 200gb harddisk. i was using vista ,which was installed on my c drive. Now i want to install ubuntu alone. I need to know wether ubuntu could access my other ntfs partitions. i would install it on c: drive.

Joe Average

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Apr 6, 2008
Ubuntu can read NTFS (afaik) without issues, just can't write to it, but iirc there's a driver out that allows for total read/write access to NTFS partitions. Probably something you can install from the package manager after Ubuntu is up and running.

And if you choose to install Ubuntu, do it carefully and pay attention to each and every step along the way - one little slipup or mistake and you could end up partitioning away the other partitions that exist on the drive during the installation.


Jul 1, 2004
Yes, Ubuntu can natively read and write to NTFS partitions without a hitch(via Ubuntu ntfs-3g driver). Ubuntu even invokes Gparted partition utility during installation allowing you to configure the partitions as you see fit. As a general rule of thumb you will create three partitions. Your root partition, your home partition and a swap partition. There are some who just make due with a root, however. I personally, use a root and a home partition with no swap, as I have 4gb RAM and Ubuntu is much more efficient at memory management than Windows. And like the above mentioned, make SURE you pay attention!!!

This being said, for the first time Ubuntu user, I HIGHLY recommend a WUBI installation. This allows you to install Ubuntu from within Windows without having to repartition. Ubuntu is basically installed within a Windows folder and a simple switch is added to the boot sector to allow you to choose which OS to boot. If you ever decide you don't want Ubuntu anymore, you simply uninstall through Windows just like a normal program. Some say disk performance takes a hit, but I can assure you, it's not by much. I have done several WUBI and GRUB installs and there's honestly not much difference performance wise.