Dim Light May Make Us Dumber

The study didn't conclude that dim lights made people brain dead, merely that exposure to bright lights made them smarter over a period of time.

Also, people for the last thousand years have also been going outside, and the sun is pretty bright.

quote from the article : “In other words, dim lights are producing dimwits.”
It really does. Incandescent lights and even cfls operate in a range of a spectrum. LEDs, not so much. They're typically a lot stricter when it comes to the color of the light they produce. Therefore it's really important that you match the color of the bulb to what you're trying to accomplish. There are also bulbs that mix different LEDs in a single bulb giving you a spectrum, but most are at a single color.
More info: http://blog.batteriesplus.com/2013/seeing-things-in-a-different-light

That batteries plus article lost credibility when they said "degrees Kelvin," maybe they need to use less dim light.
Further, when the rodents that had been exposed to dim light were then exposed to bright light for four weeks (after a month-long break), their brain capacity – and performance on the task - recovered fully.

Title should include "temporarily"

They don't. They give them a spatial task. It's almost as if a spatial task requiring vision is impaired by impeding their ability to see it.

Stupid fucking articles are stupid.
Did they test the dim light rats in a dim light environment or a bright one? Either way, the results are going to be biased. In a dim light environment, their vision is impaired. In a bright light environment, their minds would have to adjust.